Initiations: Life Challenges – What Are They and How Many They Are

Initiations? For many years I wondered what initiations mean. How experienced must one be in order to be considered “initiated”? A lot? A little?… I finally have some light on this.I stumbled upon Diana Cooper at one point, when I received a promotional email from Hay House. It was for her book about our connection with the animals.After I read a few lines, I voraciously looked after all of her books! She wrote extensively about ascension, how to prepare ourselves for developing a higher perspective, what to aim for in life and what to expect in the process. Also, she is an extensive source on how is was back in Atlantis. Oh, and of course, she explains what is Atlantis. If you haven’t read enough about 2012, she explains how it all comes together to help you answer to yourself why you are here.What I loved while reading several of Diana’s books was that I found some STRUCTURE. The backbone. You can take things step by step, not just be in a giant maze of concepts that you know very little about (and which maybe even scare you).I want to make a summary of her input on initiations, from the book “Birthing a new civilization: Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032″. This is a brilliant information that helped me a lot. This is why I totally recommend purchasing the book and reading it. (I prefer eBook because you can search by keyword what you’re interested in), it answers so many life wonders.

Diana says: “An initiation is a right of passage to a much higher level of consciousness”. There are seven steps, and usually we experience as many as we want (and can) during one lifetime.In other words, an initiation is a challenge. And boy, I’m sure you thought that nowadays everybody seems to go through some trial in their life. Initiations were called in literature “hero’s journey” and Diana explains how many they are, what is their purpose and even how some of these involve whole families which agree to go through those experiences.The first initiation poses a challenge to the physical body and has as a result the start of the spiritual awakening. I know you may be thinking now at a significant event in your life and say “I knew it!! That was for a higher purpose!”The second initiations is about dealing with your emotions. In simple words, it is about learning how to get off the auto-pilot that is governing our reactions and transforming ourselves to become better people. Having passed this test means that you respond with kindness, patience and compassion to situations that, in the past, would have pushed you to explode with anger or hold judgement.The third one is about reaching mastery of the mind. That is: knowing that you thoughts create your world and contribute to creating the world we all live in. There is EXTENSIVE information about this topic, by many many authors and I will develop in a different post where you might start wondering to find your answers on this.Further, Diana calls the fourth test the crucifixion and adds it is one of the hardest because it involves the “offering of yourself at an emotional level” (note she doesn’t say sacrifice) and it may involve loss or rejection. The reward is, as with all these tests, the gateway to something higher.The fifth one involves the preparation for ascension, and where Diana mentions it is the level where you have access to your I AM presence and sign on for cosmic service (on a personal note, now that I am making this summary I’ve had the Aha! Of understanding why it is still unclear to me which specifically is my personal mission. As we can see, some other steps are necessary before we are prepared to receive it.

The sixth initiation is ascension. If this word is for you something like “what’s the buzz around for this, what does this imply?”, well there are so many incredible resources out there, and I’m going to point to those I found, and I’m going to add references as I stumble upon others along my path.The seventh initiation refers to what happens after we leave this physical body (and have passed the previous tests).This is very briefly about the tests in life! I hope I stirred your curiosity to go and read Diana Cooper’s book. Choose this or one of the many she wrote, at least for alternative info. At best, you get the illuminating effect of matching the pieces of information together like a puzzle.